Latke mavensLatke mavens 2

Latke Mavens 3Chanukkah dinner line

Chanukkah dinner line 2

Chanukkah food line Carol Robin

Chanukkah crowd 3

Chanukkah dinner

Douse havdalah candle

Chanukkiot lighting

Chanukkiot kids

Benji song leader

Benji Rabbi SN Fever

Sandy Cat in Hat

Pirate mom

Rabbi spins dreidel

Andrew Penners Bingo

Sue Karr reads to kids






Hanukkah Helpers 

Frances Balf Sandy Flaksman

HH co chairs Sheilah Abramson Miles Judy Haliday

Sandy Diamond Susan Glazer

Zina Silletto Sofiya Pergam Caroline Rosenthal Amy Doctrow

Zina and Sofiya


Barry Berenson talks about movie career

Barry Berenson 110152017



Simchat Torah

Simchat torah candles 2017 2

Hakaafa Benji ST 2017Hakafa 1 Simchat Torah 2017

Hakafa 2 Simchat Torah 2017Hakafa 3 Simchat Torah 2017

Hakafa 4 ST 2017Hakafa 5 ST 2017

Hakafa 6 ST 2017Hakafa 7 ST 2017

Hakafa 8 ST 2017Hakafa 9 ST 2017

Hakafa 10 ST 2017Hakafa 12 ST 2017

Hakafa 16 ST 2017Hakafa 18 ST 2017

Hakafa 19 RBJC ST 2017Hakjafa Paul T ST 2017


Deuteronomy Simchat Torah 2017Genesis on Simchat Torah 2017



Sukkah Decorating

Bamboo walls 2017Shoshana Fay 2017

Bamboo walls 2Mosers lightsJorrischSchwartz kidsJen Jacobson 2017

Placing pumpkinsAll hands 2017

Rabbi Conf 2017Rabbi Confirmation 2017Sukkah workers 2017Sukkah roof 2017 


Shabbat at Big Rock Park

Rabbi BJC cantors Aviv N

Big Rock Kornstein Renick familyBig Rock Rosenthals

Big Rock Linda Klein Marc Smith 

Crowd Leders Shabb Big Rock


Aaron Shaw BeTheLight

Judy Berzof BeTheLight

Kathy Karr BeTheLight

Keiron David R BeThe Light

Joani Sonnheim BeTheLight

Keiron Paula BeTheLight

Marc Salmon BeTheLight

Howell Niren BeTheLight

Stacy Waller BeTheLight

David R Paula O BeTheLightAlex Rosenberg BeTheLightMadeline R spinning

Matt Karr BeTheLight

David Margot BeTheLight

Cynthia Canada BeTheLight

Susan Glazer BeTheLight

Haberman candle

 with candle

Mark Jorrisch candle

Ungar candle

Sandy Flaksman Robin Ungar candle

John Zina candle

Mark Jorrisch candle

2017 Annual Meeting 

Annl Mtg Rabbi

Tarbis candle


Annl Mtg sign in

Annl Mtg crowd 1

Annl Mtg crowd 2

Thank You & Farewell for Sofiya

Sofiya retires

Sofiya poster

Sofiya cake

Kathy Donna Mimosa Makers

Sofiya KeironSofiya Rabbi

Sofiya talks



Author, Teacher & Holocaust Survivor Fred Gross with him as 3 mo old

Fred Gross infant 61117

Reading a letter from 8th grade student

Fred Gross letter 61117


Confirmation/Shavuot 5/26/17

Rabbi Confirmands Open Ark

Amy reads Torah 1 52617

Rabbi Emily 52617

Miriam Rabbi 52617

Confirmands 5262017


Shabbat Under the Stars (Almost) 5/19/17

SUS 51917 Congregation


Brenda Found Gard Dedication 51917

RBJC PARTY open arkAviv Willa K 51017

SUS 51917 Kiddush

SUS 51917 RBJC kids Motzi

SUS 51917 food line

4 Generations

 Rabbi Gary Zola (HUC-JIR) 5/15/17

 Rabbi Gary Zola RBJC 51517

Rabbi Gary Zola 51517

No Shush Shabbat 5/12/17

Opening Prayer 51217

Candle Lighting 51217

Rabbi Benji 51217

Blessing daughters 51217

Celebration of mothers 51217

Story time 51217

KiddushMotzi 2 51217


Mens Club at Bellewood 5-7-17

Welcome sign

Eddie John Ken cookJoel Ken 2 kidsMark Ep kidj play chess

James Todd CG Retirement 5/5/17J. Todd reminisces


Yom Hashoah Commemoration 4-21-17

Yom Hashoah 2017

Senior Lunch Bunch 4-19-17 @ Olive Garden

SLB 4 19 17 6

SLB 4 19 17 5

SLB 4 19 17 4

SLB 4 19 17 3

 SLB 4 19 17 2

SLB 4 10 17 1


Adult Ed with Atty Sheldon Gilman

Sheldon Gilman speaks 1

Sheldon Gilman speaks 2

John S. introduces Gilman

Sheldon Gilmans books



'Love From Louisville'  Temple Shalom's Contribution for Refugees in Greece

SOS in hallway

SOS in library

SOS at warehouse

Senior Lunch Bunch 3/15/17 at Bravo

SLB 31517 Group 4

SLB 31517 Group 5

SLB 11517 Rabbi teaches



Standing Together Rally at the J 3/12/17

Rally 31217 at J


Purim 3/12/17

Purim Rabbi BJC 31217

Purim table 31217 3

Jen Carson Cookie 31217

Parade 31217 2

Adult Parade 31217 3Judges 31217 2

Megilla 31217

Spielcast 31217 2

Face Paint 31217

Games 31217 2

Games 31217 4



Former UofL Basketball Star Speaks to Men's Club 3/5/17

Luke hancock 352017 4

Hancock Crowd 352017 2

Hancock Crowd 3 352017 3

Luke Hancock Ken B 352017

Hancock food line 352017 copy

New Display Frames for Old Torah Mantles

Old Torah Mantle 1

Old Torah Mantle 2

Old Torah Mantle 3

Old Torah Mantle 4

HooShir (IU Bloomington) at Shabbat Service 2/17/2017

HooShir 3 2172017

KIddush w HooShir 2 2172017

Oneg Line 2172017


Senior Lunch Bunch 2/15/2017 at Macaroni Grill

SLB 2152017 Rabbi Teaches 3

SLB 2152017 Rabbi teaches 2

SLB 2152017 crowd 5

SLB 2152017 3 ladies

SLB 2152017 crowd

SLB 2152017 crowd 2

SLB 2152017 crowd 4

Zina toasts



Jerry Abramson speaks to Men's Club & Friends about his time in Washington as part of the Obama Administration

Jerry 3 2122017

Jerry table 2 2122017

Jerry audience 2122017

Joel Sonnheim 2122017

Ken Berzof 2 2122017

 Tu B'Shvat Seder setup

 Tu Bshvat seder 2

Circle of Love from Muslim Americans for Compassion 2/3/2017

Circle of love at TS2 232017Circle of love at TS 3 232017Circle of love at TS 4 232017Circle of love at TS 222017Kiddush in lobby 3 232017Imam speaks

Etty Play 1/28/17

Rabbi introduces Etty Play 2Rabbi introduces Etty Play 

Etty Play 1Susan Stein brings Etty to life

Etty 7221

Etty 7226

Etty Play discussion 2Discussion with audience is Act 2

Etty Play discussion 5

Etty Play discussion 7


Coffee & Knitting (soon Crafts & Coffee) 1/19/2017

Knitters coffee 11917


Senior Lunch Bunch 1/18/2017

SLB 11817 crowdSLB 11817 Levin Goldblatt Brown

SLB 11817 RBJC Bush Silletto

SLB 11817 Rosenthal Haliday Wallace

SLB11817 Wolf

SLB 11817 Brown Goldblatt Shaffer

SLB 11817 Kling Levin


P.A.R.T.Y. Bowlers 1/16/2017

PARTY Bowlers

Adult Ed Rabbi Jacowitz Chottiner 1/12/17

Norm Cummings Rabbi 1122017

Men's Club Mark Lamkin 1/8/17

Mens Cllub Mark Lamkin 182017



Temple exterior 2014 smallThank you for taking the time to look at our web site.  Our dynamic, thriving Reform Jewish congregation supports individuals and families from diverse backgrounds on their spiritual journey.  The congregation was formed in 1976, and moved into its current  building in August 1989. We have nearly 200 families, including singles, couples, families with children, seniors, etc. The congregation has a strong family atmosphere.  As of July 1, 2016 Rabbi Beth Jacowitz Chottiner has been our spiritual leader.  Rabbi Stanley R. Miles was the congregation's first full time rabbi and was granted the title of Rabbi Emeritus, continuing to be active in the life of the congregation.  There are a number of pages under the main menu at the top that will explain in more detail the people and programs of Temple Shalom in Louisville, KY. 

The best way to get to know us is to join us for Kabbalat Shabbat or Shabbat Morning services.  At Temple Shalom, we welcome newcomers, who can quickly find the chance to participate and belong in a nurturing community with the warmth of Jewish tradition.  Times are listed under Worship.

If you would like additional information click to “Contact Us”




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KABBALAT SHABBAT     FRI at 6:30 p.m.


MORNING SERVICE       SAT at 10:30 a.m.