Why Join Temple Shalom?

Being a member of Temple Shalom makes it easy to

Meet other Jews and interfaith families in the greater Louisville area

Make friends with similar values and interests

Continue your education as an adult

Develop a grounding spiritual practice with the help of a spiritual guide and a warm community

Explore what matters to you. We want to hear what you think about the important things in life.

Find meaning and relevance in worship services.

Expose your children or grandchildren to an environment with far more substantial values than what pop culture currently offers them.

If I don’t have kids who are religious school age, why should I join Temple Shalom?

That seems like a lot of money, and I’m wondering what I really get from paying membership dues.

When you become a member of Temple Shalom you gain

A warm and loving community to celebrate with you in the good times and to help you through the rough times

A rabbi who will be there for you, when you really need someone to talk to or when you would like to celebrate a life cycle event

Another place to call home, where people really know you and value who you are


Consider the following when deciding whether to support Temple Shalomby becoming a member

If Judaism has ever felt important to you, either at this moment or in years past, think about what meaning, stability, and life enrichment Judaism still has to offer others.

When you support Temple Shalom you are making a difference in this world.

When you pay membership dues or make donations to Temple Shalom, you

are helping so many people of all different backgrounds.

You are giving a lifeline to seniors whose family members and friends have passed away.

You are helping to ensure that the children of struggling single parents have the same opportunity to get a meaningful Jewish education as the children of more financially stable families.

You are helping to teach young people about the value of helping others, because your financial support goes into social justice projects that impact the wider community. And our young people are almost always involved in these projects.

Your support impacts so many different lives because of all the things we are able to offer as a community. We could not achieve all of these things as individuals. But when we pool our energy, talents, and financial resources together, we are able to do incredible things.


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