Our Mission

As Judaism is a light unto our world, so is the mission of TEMPLE SHALOM to be a light to our congregation, our community, our nation and the State of Israel.                                                                                                  

TEMPLE SHALOM provides a spiritual environment that is family-oriented, welcoming, intimate and accepting of differences. Our congregation creates a sense of community that meets social, educational and religious needs for our members.

As Reform Jews, we support the Union for Reform Judaism and the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion.

Beit Tefillah -- House of Prayer

We encourage all congregants to attend worship services regularly and to participate as a bima guest when called upon. We encourage the observance of Shabbat as well as the Holy Days and festivals, and we emphasize the importance of families worshipping together, so that Jewish customs, ceremonies and ethical laws will be passed down l'dor v'dor -- from generation to generation -- as they have for more than four thousand years.

Beit Midrash -- House of Study

The study of Torah must be not only a part of our lives, but a way of life. We impart this belief to our children in Religious School and to our adult congregants in our many study programs. We encourage families to learn together, to take an active part in the education of their children, and to be aware of the ways in which Jewish values are reflected in daily life.

Beit Knesset -- House of Community

TEMPLE SHALOM, from its beginnings in 1976, has been dedicated to opening the doors for all who wish to worship, study and perform community activities under the umbrella of Reform Judaism. We draw members from throughout Louisville as well as outside the immediate area. No single phrase can describe our membership: We are from all religious backgrounds, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. We are individuals and families, both traditional and non-traditional. Our diversity is our strength, and we learn from one another. 

Beit Tikkun Olam -- House of Social Action

We recognize that it is not enough to study and pray; we all must turn our good thoughts into righteous deeds. TEMPLE SHALOM has an active Social Action Committee, Sisterhood (Women of Temple Shalom), Men's Club, and Youth Group, which perform mitzvot within our Temple Shalom family and in the community at large. We encourage all congregants to join committees, attend meetings, and volunteer ideas and time for special projects.

Beit Yisrael-Ohavei Tzion--A house of Israel for lovers of Zion.


We support the continuation and maintenance of the Jewish Homeland and we support participation in the Jewish Community of Louisville.