Our tradition offers several powerful end-of-life rituals – Kriah (tearing of a garment), Levayah (funeral procession), Hesped (eulogy), Kevurah (burial) and Shivah (seven days of mourning). Rabbi Beth Jacowitz Chottiner will guide you through these and other rituals, perform the funeral ceremony, and help you understand and implement other meaningful Jewish mourning practices, and will lead services during the Shiva period at your home, if you so wish.  

In Jewish tradition, when the year of mourning is over, mourners are expected to return to a fully normal life. There are several occasions each year when our loved ones who have passed on are memorialized. Temple Shalom members and guests are invited and encouraged to let us know the name and yahrzeit of your beloved ones who have departed from us. We will honor their memory by announcing their name at our synagogue during services.