Connecting with Others

      Connecting with members of Temple Shalom makes it easy to…

  • Meet other Jews and interfaith families in the greater Louisville area
  • Make new friends who have similar values and interests
  • Be part of a warm and loving community to celebrate with you in the good times and to help you through the rough times
  • Form a relationship with our rabbi who will be there for you, when you really need someone to talk to or when you would like to celebrate a life-cycle event
  • Have another place to call home, where people really know you and value you
  • Continue your education as an adult
  • Develop a grounding spiritual practice with the help of a spiritual guide and a warm community
  • Explore what matters to you — we want to hear what you think about the important things in life
  • Find meaning and relevance in worship services
  • Expose your children or grandchildren to an environment with far more substantial values than what pop culture currently offers them