Recent Photos 2016

Hannukah 2016

Hann 2016 songs 1

Hann 2016 3Hann 2016 Table 2Hann 2016 table 1Hann 2016 crowd 1

Hann 2016 2

Hann 2016 1Hann 2016 Cooks 1

The first latkesBob TeitelEddie Abraham

Hann 2016 Cooks 3Its all in the hands


Joel and Matt

Mark Slafkes and Mick

Steve and Amos

Hann 2016 Cooks Bourbon

Last latke

Hann 2016 David Gould

Curtain call

P.A.R.T.Y. (Pretty Awsome Reform Temple Youth)


Installation Rabbi Beth Jacowitz Chottiner Nov. 11, 2016

Jacowitz Chottiner family mom

Rabbi Miles in procession

Founders at installation

Passing the Torah ldor va dor


Rabbi Joseph speaking

3 Rabbis reading

3 Rabbis at ark in group hug


John Yarmuth Addresses Men’s Club & Guests

Yarmuth crowd 4

Yarmuth 3

Yarmuth 2

Yarmuth crowd 1

40th Anniversary Gala Nov 12, 2016

Rabbis BJC Miles 40th anniv

Amos B Al U 40th anniv 

Rabbi BJC mom 40th anniv

 Bev 40h anniv

Crowd 1 40th anniv

Clergy Havdalah 40th anniv

Stan Klings Motzi 40th anniv

Harvy Milk Poster

Stuart Milk 1

Shir Adat 1

WRJ District Conclave Nov 2016

WRJ Torah Service 2016

Susan Glazer WRJ 2016Sheilah W songleader

Rabbi BJC parsha partsStan with parsha parts 2016

WRJ circle 016

Kiddush in lobby WR 2016

WOW talitot WRJ 2016

WRJ luncheon 2 2016

WRJ luncheon 2016


 Keiron, Rabbi, Uwe& Gabi von Seltmann Oct 23, 2016

Keiron Beth Ewe Gabi von Seltmann

Crowd for speakers Oct 23 2016


Mitzvahteers Oct 23, 2016

Merry Mitzvahteers Oct 223 2016

Mark J on Mitzvah day Oct 22 2016

Schmoozing in the Sukkah with Havdalah Oct 22, 2016

Cookers Oct 22 2016

food set up Oct 22 2016

Food line Oct 22 2016

Cook out cooks Oct 22 2016

John Zina ct 22 2016

Andrea Steve Oct 21 2016

Bonfire Oct 22 2016

Havdala Oct 22 2016 2

Havdala Oct 21 2016

Newlyweds Alex & Madeline Rosenberg

Rosenberg newleyweds

Sukkah Senior Lunch Bunch Oct 19, 2016

Lunch Bunch 100192016


Sukkah Decorating 2016


Sukkah decorating 2016Sukkah decorating 2016 Getting Started

Sukkah Supervisors 2016All Male Sukkah Supervisors 2016

Bamboo for Sukkat 2016

Kids playing in sand on walkwayKids playing in sand on what used to be the new walkway

Shosh decorates 2016Rabbi in Sukkah 2016

Decorated Sukkah 2016


No-Shush Family Shabbat October 2016

Kids open ark

Rabbi leads through Red Sea

Adults through red sea


Eric Flack Addresses Men’s Club

Eric Flack

Cooks 10 9 2016

Joel S introduces Eric F

Eric answers questions


Havdalah & Selichot Sept 23, 2016

Slichot Havdalah

Slichot Havdalah 2

Change Torah MantlesChange Torah Mantles 2

 Lunch Bunch Sept 2016LB Sep 2016

LB Sep 2016 2

WOTS 2016 Opener

WOTS opener 2016

WOTS opener 2016 2

WOTS opener 2016 3

WOTS opener 2016 4

Family Fun and Food Trucks 

Crowd 2

Jorrisch clan

Ticket sales

Steel City PopsNaked Hummus

Food Truck FlavavilleDonuts


Jewish Music for the Soul Sept 11


RebbeSoulRebbeSoul & ShlomitShlomit


Rabbi 911 tributeRabbi Jacowitz Chottiner leads 9/11 tribute

Mathew Kathy Sue KarrSue, Matthew and Kathy Karr Lead God Bless America


Men’s Club Sept 11 James Todd and Michael Zamperini

James ToddMens ClubMichael Zamperini

Senior Lunch Bunch Aug 17, 2016

 unnamed 1unnamed 2

unnamed 5


Non Shush Shabbat Aug 12, 2016

Candle Lighting 81218

Ready for parade 81216

Story for kids 81216

Dancing 81216

Kiddush 81216

Men’s Club Meeting & Cook Out July 24, 2017

Mens Club cook out 16

Rabbi Beth Jacowitz Chottiner interacting with Senior Members of Congregation, 7/17

 Rabbi BJC Srs

Preparation for Yard Sale July 17

Yard Sale 16 1Yard Sale 16 2

Yard Sale 16 3Yard Sale 16 4

Yard Sale 16 5

Men’s Club at Churchill Downs, June 26

Mens club at Churchill Downs 2Mens Club Churchill


Weekend Honoring Rabbi Stan Miles


Margot Kling speaks on behalf of the founders

Jerry w Obama letter

Former Mayor Jerry Abramson presents letter & photo from President Obama

Presentation of plaque

Kaden Hanks & Sidney Abramson present Rabbi Miles with a plaque naming the education wing of Temple Shalom in his honor.  Outgoing President Matt Doctrow looks on.

Fr. Joe Graffis

Fr. Joe Graffis, long time friend of Rabbi & Temple Shalom remembers some of his interactions with Rabbi Miles and our congregation.

Seth Parents

Seth Miles greets his parents following moving comments about growing up in the Miles’ home.


Stan Wing plaque

Stan Reception 619Stan reception 2


Annual Meeting June 19

Annl mtg 2016

IPP DoctrowKeiron new pres



Confirmation on Shavuot

Confirmation 2016

Sarilee KornsteinBradley WallerKaden Hanks


Aidan SalmonIsaac Rosenbaum


Fixing up the Office

 Matt Doctrow paintsBruce Holzman paintsAdam Mather paints

and Gardens

Connie Moser plantsRandy Moser gardens

Rabbi Jessica Wainer Ordination May 21, 20016

Jessie Ordination


Ken Stammerman Adult Ed May 9

Ken Stammerman


LO Director Teddy Abrams at Temple Shalom May 1, 2016

 Abrams 1Karr intro Abrams

Abrams crowd 1Buffet line 51

Tot Shabbat April 30 with Rabbi Miles & Rabbi Jessie



R Jessie frog

Rabbi Jessie and her edible frog (not much of a plague!)

Frogs 3

Makin’ delicious frogs (not plague ones)

Blessing kids

Blessing of children by Rabbi Miles

Ketubah by Melissa Yussman for her wedding to Jeremy Parsley.



Men’s Club April 2016

Chris Goodlett 416 

Chris Goodlett–Kentucky Derby Museum Curator

Mens Club Apr 16

 Men’s Club Participants


Mitzvah Day April 2016 

Mitzvah Day 416 2

Mark Jorrisch

Mitz Day Kay Hyman

Kay Hyman

Mitzvah Day 416

Linda Shapiro & Connie Moser in Ann Klein Memorial Garden

Adult Ed Mon April 4

Cummings Goldberg Pack

Dr. Norm Cummings, Vice Chair Adult Ed; Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg, Chief Medical Officer Jewish Hospital; Jessica Pack, Cancer Genetic Counselor