• Please join us for Shabbot, Friday night at 6.30 pm and Saturday at 10.30 am. Sam Thal will be here, enhancing the services with her musical talents.

    Let’s celebrate Shavuot together with Kenesth Israel at Adath Jeshurun. On Saturday, May 19th at 7.30 pm .

    Tikkun Leyl Shavuot 2018

Upcoming Events

  1. Thu 24

    Board of Trustees Meeting

    May 24 @ 6:30pm - 8:00pm
  2. Fri 25

    Kabbalat Shabbat Service

    May 25 @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  3. Sat 26

    Shabbat Morning Service

    May 26 @ 10:30am - 12:30pm
  4. Fri 01

    Kabbalat Shabbat Service

    June 01 @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Thank you for taking the time to look at our web site.  Our dynamic, thriving Reform Jewish congregation supports individuals and families from diverse backgrounds on their spiritual journey.  The congregation was formed in 1976, and moved into its current  building in August 1988. We have about 170 families, including singles, couples, families with children, seniors, etc. The congregation has a strong family atmosphere.

Temple Shalom Family & Friends

  • Cong Mikveh Israel Philly
    Congregation Mikveh Israel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Listening in Philly (1)
    Listening to the history of the synagogue.
  • Inside Mikvah Israel
    Students inside the synagogue.
  • HooShir & kids eat
    HooShir eating lunch with Temple Shalom kids.
  • Sandy, Ellen, Kathy Shapiro's delivery
    W.O.T.S. readies deliveries from Shapiro’s
  • Cindy & Alan Mitzvah Day 2018
    Cindy Phelps & Alan Hyman on Mitzvah Day
  • Inside Mikvah Israel
    Confirmation students at Schul

Our Clergy & Leadership

Kol Shalom

Other Happenings at Temple Shalom

Easy Fundraising

News from the Pews

  • Check out our new and improved website.  Lots more information right at your finger tips.  Drop a note to webmaster@templeshalomky.org with thoughts and suggestions. 



    May Anniversaries

    4 Randy & Connie Moser

    12  Mike & Cindy Phelps

    14  Kenneth & Jeannie Kral

    17   Gerald & Mickey Baron

    21   Eric & Jaime Schwartz

    25   David & Abby Gould

    27    Sandy Hensley

    30    Ron & Amy Shir

    May Birthdays

     1  Mrs. Sandra Goldsmith

     Mrs. Rosita Kaplin

     3  Mrs Carol Savkovich

     6   Mr. Chuck Gray


     6   Mrs. Lisa Simon

     8   Mr. Richard Michelson


     9    Mr. Ronald Meeron

     11   Mr. Earl Goldsmith

     11   Mrs. Heddy Teitel


    14   Dr. Fred Seifer

    16   Mrs. Terri Gilberts


    17    Mr. Glenn Hirsch

    18    Mr. Fred Levin


    18    Mr. Keiron O’Connell


    18    Mr. Michael Phelps

    19    Marvin Fleischman


    21    Mrs. Elaine Cummings


    21    Mr. Kendall Frey

    21    Mrs. Elizabeth Kaplan


    23    Mrs. Mickey Baron


    23     Mr. Robert Tiell


    24     Dr. Terry Cohen

    25     Mrs. Karen Pass


    26     Mr. Nelson Goodman

    26     Mr. Marc Smith


    28     Mr. Joel Sonnheim

    30     Mr. Ryan Scarbrough


    31     Mrs. Bridgette Salmon

  • Yahrzeits from April 29 – May 5, 2018 (14 – 20 Iyar)
    Louis Baker
    Janet T. Greenbaum
    Molly Hornstein
    Jerome C. Koloms
    Freda Koven
    Palmir Markus
    Vladimir Pergamenschik
    Leonard Potash
    Ben Rosenberg
    Drezel S. Rosenberg
    Arthur Silbar
    Yahrzeits from May 6 – 12 (21 – 27 Iyar)
    Robert Lawrence Clegg
    Maurice Cummings
    George Denton
    Joel Goldwin
    Rita Horn
    Anne Kantor
    Mack Koven
    Sarah Leibson Mellman
    Thelma Michelson
    Karla Mink
    Blanche Tiell

    Yahrzeits from May 13 – 19 (26 Iyar – 5 Sivan)

    Lilo Behr Auslander
    Ralph Benjamin
    Basya Golod
    June Elaine Green
    Isak Kornstein
    Betty Newman
    Fay Samuels
    George Joseph Smith
    Lawrence Wester
    Yahrzeits from May 20 – 26 (6 – 12 Sivan)
    Rose Kaye
    Irv Klempner
    Phil Kornstein
    Rebecca Laub
    Evelyn LaVine
    Anita Pampel
    Lillian Pass
    Celia Rosenberg
    Sol W. Schulman

    Yahrzeits from May 27 – June 2, 2018 (13 – 19 Sivan)

    William Grayson Covey
    Sylvia Schwartz Gaffin
    David Gershater
    Miriam Haberman
    Henrietta Ehrlich Herzfeld
    Abe Hoffman
    Michael Jacowitz
    Sandra Levinstone
    Bessie Miles
    Pearl Monchek
    Gilbert Mooney
    Mary Satton
    Mark Speier
    Barry Sullivan
    Pauline Tanner
    Sadie Wilson


  • Donations for the month of April
    General Fund
    Mark & Joan Epstein
    In Memory of Gerald S. Epstein
    Frankie Bloom
    In Memory of Jerome Bloom
    Howard & Denise Galkin
    In Memory of Ida Galkin
    Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
    Rosita Kaplin
    In Memory of Basia Uroper
    Wendy Pfeffer & Nathan Schwartz
    In Memory of Shloimkeh Gursky
    Cary & Laurie Kaplin
    In memory of Phil “Pinky” Kaplin
    Building & Maintenance Fund
    Ellen & Chuck Gray
    In Memory of Julia Friedman
    Carol & Mick Savkovich
    In Memory of Margaret Moseson
    Women Of Temple Shalom
    In Honor of those who worked so hard on Mitzvah Day to beautify our grounds
    Ann Klein Holocaust Fund
    Amos & Donna Benjamin
    In Memory of Miriam Benjamin