Temple Shalom has many membership options, along with a sliding scale for dues. It’s important to know that no one will ever be denied membership because of their financial circumstances. If you would like to consider one of the membership categories below, or perhaps one that’s tailored especially for you, please let us know. We welcome inquiries from all who are interested in joining!

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Membership Categories:

Full/Regular Members — Anyone of the Jewish faith and his/her spouse or domestic partner.

Associate Members — Persons who belong to another congregation but who wish to be members also of Temple Shalom.

Affiliate Members — (a) Persons who have lived in the Louisville area for less than 12 months, and children of regular and associate members who have returned to Louisville and have lived in the Louisville area for less than 12 months, and who do not belong to a congregation. (b) Children of regular and associate members who have been married by Temple Shalom clergy and who plan to reside in Louisville.

Friends of Temple Shalom — Former members who have moved out of the Louisville area but who wish to maintain a connection with the congregation, or a person or family that has never lived in the Louisville area but interested in developing a connection.

We also welcome inquiries from students, visitors to the area, and extended family of members. Come to a service and check us out! We hope to hear from you!

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