President’s Message

I’m honored to have been elected President of Temple Shalom for the second time. I’m very pleased that the membership has also elected a talented and dedicated Board of Trustees. This promises to be a very strong and successful year.

I want to thank Rich Goldwin, who stepped up during very turbulent times to lead Temple Shalom for the third time. Rich, you have the appreciation of every one of us. To say that I am taking office during challenging times is a gross understatement. Just when it looks like things are improving on all fronts, along comes coronavirus. It has prevented us from having in-person services in the sanctuary, although our online services are attracting a large and loyal attendance. Sadly, the virus has resulted in the loss of several valued members and their loved ones. Keeping our members and their families safe is of the utmost importance. Therefore, I will not allow any in-person events that risk the health of our members or our staff.

We are a congregation, a community. A community is defined as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Of the 16 million Jews in the world, our community is a mere 160 families. But I believe that we are a strong community, and one that can rise to the challenges as we have always done.

So, what are our goals? To grow our membership, and to ensure financial security, certainly; and, as our Bylaws state, to continue to provide value to our members as a diverse, inclusive and welcoming community, where we enrich lives through spirituality, education, social engagement and Tikkum Olam.

The way to successfully achieve these objectives is with everyone’s contribution in any and every way possible. I hope that when you are called upon, you’ll respond with, “How can I help?”

Then we are a true community.

Thanks again for this opportunity to help all of us grow and thrive — as individuals, as members of this community, and as Temple Shalom.

Wesley Gersh