Founders Garden

A very special space behind the Temple Shalom sanctuary and auditorium is dedicated to the brave founders who gave life to Temple Shalom. The central feature is a Magen David-shaped garden, lined with bricks that can be engraved to commemorate special occasions or lives. As part of the Founders Garden, a large wooden structure at one side serves as our Sukkah, but it can also be used for outdoor services, weddings or other events. Several trees and benches are in place to offer space to simply sit and contemplate.

There is also a small garden in the front of the building dedicated to the memory of Temple Shalom member Ann Klein, a Holocaust survivor, and features a custom wood bench and plantings that are tended by members of the congregation. 

In February 2018, we planted more than 40 trees all around the property, creating an arboretum that will provide additional shade and beauty in the future.