About Our Congregation

Temple Shalom LouisvilleTemple Shalom in Louisville, KY, is Mishpocha (an extended Jewish family) operating a liberal synagogue. We were founded in 1976, and have occupied our current building since August 1989.

The congregation has about 165 families, including singles, couples, families with children, and seniors. Rabbi Stanley R. Miles, who served the congregation almost since its founding, retired at the end of 2016 and was succeeded by Rabbi Beth Jacowitz Chottiner.

Temple Shalom Louisville volunteersTemple Shalom prides itself on the active participation of many of our members. When moving into our current building, a number of our founders and others did carpentry work, painted and did woodworking for many items in the sanctuary.

When something needs to be done in the office, there are a number of our members who are there to help our single administrator. Painting, replacing cabinets, hanging white boards in classrooms or building a new storage building always brings out a sufficient number of participants to get the work done in a timely manner. Twice a year we have “mitzvah days,” where many members gather to spruce up the grounds. 

Our members often outnumber participants from other congregations on city-wide mission trips to Israel, and support Temple Shalom’s activities wherever they might occur.

Temple Shalom Louisville youth group

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