Temple Shalom maintains two separate restricted funds. The Temple Shalom Endowment Fund helps provide financial support for programs that enhance the spiritual life of our congregants.

Temple Shalom Endowment Fund was formed in 1998 and currently has a balance that generates revenue used for programming purposes that enrich the life of the members of the congregation.  Money donated to the TSEF may not be used for general expenses.

We also participate in LIFE&LEGACY, a nationally sponsored endowment specifically for future needs of the operations of Temple Shalom. 

Life and Legacy Honor Roll

Anonymous Members
Benjamin A. Baer and Beth H. Glazier
Ken and Judy Berzof
Brenda N. Bush
Cynthia Canada
Marc and Shannon Charnas
Rabbi Beth Jacowitz Chottiner
Lee Chottiner
Amy and Matt Doctrow
Dr. Richard Edelson and Donna Smith
Mark and Joan Epstein
Richard and Ellen Goldwin
Cari Hatch
Jennifer Jacobson
Mark Jorrisch and Becky Eagle
Kathy and Matthew Karr
Linda Klein
Marc Smith
Jay and Karen Klempner

Barry Kornstein and Nancy Renick
Steve and Andrea Koven
Shalom Malka
Adam and Martha Mather
Rabbi Stanley and Sheilah Abramson Miles
Paula and Keiron O’Connell
Daniel Penner
Tami Penner
Lenae and Jordan Price
Howard Rosenberg
Jena Rosenberg
Adrian W. Rosenthal
Caroline B. Rosenthal
Carol Savkovich
Linda Shapiro and Robert Taylor
Paul K. Tackett
Judy Freundlich Tiell
Al and Carol Ungar
David and Shiela Wallace